The Other Trail

Location: Oman. Destination: unknown. Route preference: developing


According to Cambridge English Dictionary, ‘trail’ can be a verb or a noun.

The verb indicates slow movement or following behind someone. The noun, however, indicates a path, often with a purpose, or searching for something through examining information.

We choose ourselves a noun, thank you. As expat partners, living abroad partially because of our partners’ work, we explore different trails, establish our own, and leave something for others to examine.

The Other Trail is written by and for expat partners, making their ways throughout the world. Within the framework of our current host country, Oman, we explore ways in which expat partners can grow and develop, creating their own trails.

We, Femke and Tone, both live in Muscat, the capital of Oman, with our respective husbands and children. While Femke is living abroad for the first time, Tone has been an expat for the last 14 years, and has called three counties and 7 houses ‘home’. Our different experiences help us see things from different angles — through shared values. We have both made conscious choices to see our mobile lives as opportunities for us to grow and develop. We have faced challenges, and searched for solutions. We have tried different options. We have watched fellow trailblazers struggle; but we have also seen so many examples of expat partners developing in unexpected ways, blossoming and forging new paths.

With The Other Trail, we hope to inspire those who value their personal development while on the move. We encourage you to explore your options with us, and set forth on your own trail.