The Other Trail

Location: Oman. Destination: unknown. Route preference: developing


An Introverted anthropologist on an expat trail

Hi, I’m Tone. Please, come join me; I’d love your company.

17 years ago, I met some truly amazing women. Expat partners, who lived a global life of frequent international moves for their husbands’ jobs. They had so many stories to share, so many insights and lessons learned from experiencing global diversity. Their stories formed the backbone of my Masters Degree in anthropology

14 years, 7 homes, one husband, three kids and countless cats later, I have my own stories from an expat life.

Trailing spouse? -no thank you

Expat partners have often been described as ‘trailing spouses’. According to Cambridge English Dictionary, ‘trail’ can be a verb – but also a noun. The verb indicates slow movement or following behind someone. The noun, however, indicates a path, often with a purpose.

In my years as an expat, I have yet to meet anyone who slowly trundles behind their spouse across the world. On the contrary, I meet people who identify challenges and solutions, who forge ahead bravely and strongly, who develop and learn. I meet trailblazers, agents of change.

Join me on my path; to discover Oman, learn from cultural diversity and develop in a positive way.