Camping Over Planes

Three years ago, our family was getting ready to move. With postings to Syria and Borneo, my husband and I spent several years regularly boarding planes with our three young kids, exploring our host countries and surrounding areas at every opportunity- and loved it. However, regular plane trips from infancy influenced our now primary school-aged children. … More Camping Over Planes

You don’t have to do it all. Not today, anyway

The last few weeks before summer holiday are a manic flurry of activity. In a high mobility expat community such as the one I live in, end of year celebrations at school are joined by leaving parties for friends moving on and distraught children (and adults) saying farewell to important people in their lives. Combine … More You don’t have to do it all. Not today, anyway

Would you consider expat home schooling?

Education and the expat path Educational needs for kids is an important aspect of decision making for expats on the move. Different school systems, international school, local school, boarding school… Indeed, with my oldest fast approaching middle school, I know I may have some difficult choices to make a year from now, when it’s our turn … More Would you consider expat home schooling?